Below you can find logos, similar to the WIS.

Swisscom Mobile Swisscom Mobile vector
Swiss Air Lines 168 Swiss Air Lines 168 vector
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 205 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 205 vector
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 95 Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 95 vector
Swisscom Mobile 176 Swisscom Mobile 176 vector
SwissFlex SwissFlex vector
Swiss Small Cap Invest Swiss Small Cap Invest vector
Maestrani Swiss Chocolates Maestrani Swiss Chocolates vector
Wisla Plock Wisla Plock vector
Swiss Cycling 170 Swiss Cycling 170 vector
The University of Wisconsin Madison 156 The University of Wisconsin Madison 156 vector
Wojska Nadwislanskie Wojska Nadwislanskie vector
Hyposwiss Hyposwiss vector
Day Lewis Day Lewis vector