Below you can find logos, similar to the Ville d'Annecy 85.

Apple 285 Apple 285 vector
Villeroy & Boch 95 Villeroy & Boch 95 vector
Nashville Predators Nashville Predators vector
Subbuteo Club Ternois Sambreville Subbuteo Club Ternois Sambreville vector
Jacksonville Suns 16 Jacksonville Suns 16 vector
UniSA 85 UniSA 85 vector
Ville Meudon Ville Meudon vector
Ville de Roussillon Ville de Roussillon vector
Asheville Tourists 35 Asheville Tourists 35 vector
Martinsville Astros 220 Martinsville Astros 220 vector
Louisville Cardinals 109 Louisville Cardinals 109 vector
Ville Clichy Ville Clichy vector
Knoxville Ice Bears Knoxville Ice Bears vector
National Linen Service 85 National Linen Service 85 vector
Joinville Joinville vector