Below you can find logos, similar to the Rex 233.

T-REX T-REX vector
Coldrex Night Coldrex Night vector
Fuchs 233 Fuchs 233 vector
Quintrex Boats Quintrex Boats vector
COMPREX material ski COMPREX material ski vector
Pyrex 92 Pyrex 92 vector
Carex Carex vector
Avirex Avirex vector
Zerex Zerex  vector
Rexel 238 Rexel 238 vector
AREX AREX  vector
Forex 68 Forex 68 vector
Bay Networks 233 Bay Networks 233 vector
Mindcandy 233 Mindcandy 233 vector
Gillette SensorExcel for Women Gillette SensorExcel for Women vector