Below you can find logos, similar to the Octa.

Octavia Octavia vector
Noctambulo 10 Noctambulo 10 vector
OCTA 46 OCTA 46 vector
Limbo Coctail Bar Limbo Coctail Bar vector
Noctambulo 12 Noctambulo 12 vector
Noctambulo Noctambulo vector
Octagon Octagon vector
Noctambulo 9 Noctambulo 9 vector
Octavia Octavia  vector
Octasic Semiconductor Octasic Semiconductor vector
Noctambulo 11 Noctambulo 11 vector
Octanorm Vertriebs GmbH Octanorm Vertriebs GmbH vector
OCTA Concept OCTA Concept vector
OctaBond OctaBond vector