Below you can find logos, similar to the Lynx.

Lynx 212 Lynx 212 vector
LYNX 213 LYNX 213 vector
Augusta Lynx Augusta Lynx vector
Lynx 211 Lynx 211 vector
Lynx Lynx  vector
Lynx Group Lynx Group vector
Lynx 214 Lynx 214 vector
LynxOS LynxOS vector
Ottawa Lynx 171 Ottawa Lynx 171 vector
Minnesota Lynx 248 Minnesota Lynx 248 vector
Augusta Lynx 287 Augusta Lynx 287 vector
Ottawa Lynx Ottawa Lynx vector
Minnesota Lynx Minnesota Lynx vector
Augusta Lynx 288 Augusta Lynx 288 vector
Ottawa Lynx 172 Ottawa Lynx 172 vector