Below you can find logos, similar to the Jewel Osco.

Tammi Jewellery Tammi Jewellery vector
OsCorp OsCorp vector
Central Moscow Depositary Central Moscow Depositary vector
Echo of Moscow Radio Echo of Moscow Radio vector
Sviaz Expocomm Moscow Sviaz Expocomm Moscow vector
Cosco 363 Cosco 363 vector
Torpedo Moscow Torpedo Moscow vector
Micky Roof Jewelers Micky Roof Jewelers vector
Aktas Jewellery Aktas Jewellery vector
Olympic Junior Moscow 1998 Olympic Junior Moscow 1998 vector
Posco Posco vector
Aerostar Hotel Moscow(1382) Aerostar Hotel Moscow(1382) vector
Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow vector
Bank Moscow 127 Bank Moscow 127 vector
Bank Moscow Bank Moscow vector