Below you can find logos, similar to the Instant Listening Enabled.

Instant Whip Instant Whip vector
Macromedia Shockwave Enabled Macromedia Shockwave Enabled vector
Macromedia Flash Enabled Macromedia Flash Enabled vector
Instant Teller Instant Teller vector
Level 3 Enabled Level 3 Enabled vector
AOL Instant Messenger AOL Instant Messenger vector
Macromedia Flash Enabled 42 Macromedia Flash Enabled 42 vector
InstantOffice 87 InstantOffice 87 vector
Instantel Instantel vector
MicroTouch enabled MicroTouch enabled vector
Instant Library Instant Library vector
Instant Art Instant Art vector
AOL Instant Messenger 239 AOL Instant Messenger 239 vector
Pivot Enabled Pivot Enabled vector
S MIME Enabled S MIME Enabled vector