Below you can find logos, similar to the Elsi Retail.

University of Helsinki 170 University of Helsinki 170 vector
Retail Technology Retail Technology vector
University of Helsinki 169 University of Helsinki 169 vector
Macintosh Retail Group Macintosh Retail Group vector
Helsinki University of Technology Helsinki University of Technology vector
Florida Retail Federation Florida Retail Federation vector
Lake Elsinore Storm 49 Lake Elsinore Storm 49 vector
SAP Retail Solutions Store SAP Retail Solutions Store vector
RetailTech RetailTech vector
Clark Retail 155 Clark Retail 155 vector
Moelsi Moelsi vector
Lake Elsinore Storm 50 Lake Elsinore Storm 50 vector
Retail Derictions Retail Derictions vector
LSI Retail Graphics LSI Retail Graphics vector
Bulgarian Retail Services Bulgarian Retail Services vector