Below you can find logos, similar to the EPA medio ambiente.

Fire Department City of New York Fire Department City of New York vector
Fepafut Fepafut vector
Adobe ePaper Solutions Adobe ePaper Solutions vector
Health Department Health Department vector
Estonian Police Department Estonian Police Department vector
Herault Departement Conseil General Herault Departement Conseil General vector
Caisse D'Epargne 50 Caisse D'Epargne 50 vector
Orepac Orepac vector
U S Department of Commerce U S  Department of Commerce vector
US Department of Transportation US Department of Transportation vector
Depax Mediendesign Depax Mediendesign vector
Multimedios Multimedios vector
DePaul Blue Demons 274 DePaul Blue Demons 274 vector
Department of the Navy Department of the Navy vector
KS Clepardia Krakow KS Clepardia Krakow vector