Below you can find logos, similar to the Dual Wave Processor.

AMD Duron Processor 36 AMD Duron Processor 36 vector
dual dual vector
Shockwave com Shockwave com vector
AC II Processor AC II Processor vector
AMD K6-2 Processor AMD K6-2 Processor vector
xwave 41 xwave 41 vector
Airwaves Airwaves vector
Macromedia Shockwave Enabled Macromedia Shockwave Enabled vector
Macromedia Shockwave Macromedia Shockwave vector
WaveLoch WaveLoch vector
Tulane Green Wave 35 Tulane Green Wave 35 vector
Skatewave 9 Skatewave 9 vector
The Wave The Wave vector
Alias Wavefront 241 Alias Wavefront 241 vector
WaveStream WaveStream vector