Below you can find logos, similar to the Danone Israel.

Israel Quality Institute 128 Israel Quality Institute 128 vector
Keren Kayemeth Le Israel Keren Kayemeth Le Israel vector
Soult Company of Israel Soult Company of Israel vector
Partnership 2000 Cleveland for Israel Partnership 2000 Cleveland for Israel vector
danone1 danone1 vector
Israel Army Unit Israel Army Unit vector
Pizza Hut Israel Pizza Hut Israel vector
Israel Army Unit 125 Israel Army Unit 125 vector
Israel Army Unit 127 Israel Army Unit 127 vector
Israel Radio COL REGA Israel Radio COL REGA vector
Electric Company of Israel Electric Company of Israel vector
Telecom Israel Telecom Israel vector
Ahla Israel 47 Ahla Israel 47 vector
Rashut a-Teva Israel Rashut a-Teva Israel vector
Israel Aircraft Unit 119 Israel Aircraft Unit 119 vector