Below you can find logos, similar to the DDD discos.

tabu discos tabu discos vector
ultimate discos ultimate discos vector
ARISTA discos ARISTA discos vector
HIQ high quality discos HIQ high quality discos vector
metroblue (discos) metroblue (discos) vector
neville brothers discos neville brothers discos vector
Cherished Tedddies 2 Cherished Tedddies 2 vector
Roulette(discos) Roulette(discos) vector
A&M discos A&M discos vector
ATLANTIC discos ATLANTIC discos vector
DDD DDD vector
Parlophone(discos) Parlophone(discos) vector
DDD Imprimerie Denef DDD Imprimerie Denef vector
motown discos motown discos vector
Blue note(discos) Blue note(discos) vector