Below you can find logos, similar to the CHOCK FULL O' NUTS.

O'Neill 192 O'Neill 192 vector
Togo's Togo's vector
Kinko's Kinko's vector
Fuller O'Brien Fuller O'Brien vector
Quizno's subs 114 Quizno's subs 114 vector
Lansing Lugnuts 111 Lansing Lugnuts 111 vector
Windscreens O'Brien Windscreens O'Brien vector
O'Neill's O'Neill's vector
Info'Products Info'Products vector
Windscreens O'Brien 53 Windscreens O'Brien 53 vector
H B Fuller H B  Fuller vector
Arturo's Arturo's vector
Toberreto's Toberreto's vector
Quizno's subs Quizno's subs vector