Below you can find logos, similar to the Beijer Electronics 45.

Daewoo Electronics Daewoo Electronics vector
Helix Hearing Care Centre 45 Helix Hearing Care Centre 45 vector
Fargo Electronics Fargo Electronics vector
LG Electronics LG Electronics  vector
Silky Oaks Lodge 145 Silky Oaks Lodge 145 vector
Corning 345 Corning 345 vector
Budweiser 345 Budweiser 345 vector
Latvijas Mobilais Telefons 145 Latvijas Mobilais Telefons 145 vector
Europort Vatry 145 Europort Vatry 145 vector
Zig-Zag 45 Zig-Zag 45 vector
Saia-Burgess Electronics Saia-Burgess Electronics vector
International Consumer Electronics Show International Consumer Electronics Show vector
Axo 445 Axo 445 vector
Mr N Electronics Mr N Electronics vector