Below you can find logos, similar to the BP Amoco 148.

Goodyear 148 Goodyear 148 vector
Mercedes-Benz 148 Mercedes-Benz 148 vector
BPI BPI vector
DBpub DBpub vector
BPay BPay vector
Comintel 148 Comintel 148 vector
Amoco Motor Club Amoco Motor Club vector
TCU Hornedfrogs 148 TCU Hornedfrogs 148 vector
Jobpilot Jobpilot vector
IBP 30 IBP 30 vector
BPN Vida BPN Vida vector
Powerade 148 Powerade 148 vector
BPP BPP vector
ABP Music Productions ABP Music Productions vector
Centurion 148 Centurion 148 vector