Below you can find logos, similar to the BB Biotech.

Bobbis Bobbis vector
Fondation Abbe Pierre Fondation Abbe Pierre vector
Carrabba's Carrabba's vector
Subbuteo Club Ternois Sambreville Subbuteo Club Ternois Sambreville vector
BBC 4 BBC 4 vector
Dubbelfrisss Dubbelfrisss vector
Bubble Tape Bubble Tape vector
Stibbe Stibbe vector
BBA BBA vector
Rubber Manufacturers Association Rubber Manufacturers Association vector
Baskin Robbins 196 Baskin Robbins 196 vector
gobBsAs gobBsAs vector
BBK BBK vector
Abb 1 Abb 1 vector
Rubber Stampede Rubber Stampede vector