Perhaps you are interested in the following logos.

Ambulance St-Jean Ambulance St-Jean vector
KAO KAO  vector
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz  vector
porsche924 automov porsche924 automov vector
SISLEY moda SISLEY moda vector
4 Rest for the Division 4 Rest for the Division vector
AEG AEG vector
AFC(1421) AFC(1421) vector
A Beton KFT A Beton KFT vector
A C di Amati Carlo e C A C  di Amati Carlo e C  vector
A todo dar A todo dar vector
Adval Tech Adval Tech vector
Agrotehnik Agrotehnik vector
Alberta School Boards Association Alberta School Boards Association vector
Alte Leipziger Alte Leipziger vector