Perhaps you are interested in the following logos.

061 EPES emerg.sanitarias 061 EPES emerg.sanitarias vector
barclays 1 barclays 1 vector
COOSUR aceites COOSUR aceites vector
Cirrus Cirrus  vector
Flowers of Russia logo P348 Flowers of Russia logo P348 vector
MAPFRE seguros MAPFRE seguros vector
ALDI Sued ALDI Sued vector
AMF 99 AMF 99 vector
Ackerley Outdoor Advertising Ackerley Outdoor Advertising vector
Acm Siggraph Acm Siggraph vector
Adcorp Connect Adcorp Connect vector
Aladdin 164 Aladdin 164 vector
Alteriors Alteriors vector
Altur Altur vector