Below you can find logos, similar to the Asia Invest 42.

Asiana Airlines 43 Asiana Airlines 43 vector
Echo Investment 54 Echo Investment 54 vector
VolgaWestTrans 42 VolgaWestTrans 42 vector
Paddy 42 Paddy 42 vector
Putnam Investments Putnam Investments vector
Flag Investors Flag Investors vector
European Investment Bank European Investment Bank vector
AFC(1422) AFC(1422) vector
AFC(1423) AFC(1423) vector
Nuveen Investments Nuveen Investments vector
AvtoZvuk 422 AvtoZvuk 422 vector
InvestorWeb Research InvestorWeb Research vector
Cometa 142 Cometa 142 vector
EAPO The Eurasian Patent Organization EAPO The Eurasian Patent Organization vector
Bushnell 428 Bushnell 428 vector