Perhaps you are interested in the following logos.

idg editorial idg editorial vector
Playboy bunny Playboy bunny  vector
QVC QVC  vector
SPI 7 SPI 7 vector
AIP 72 AIP 72 vector
AND 1 199 AND 1 199 vector
Addleshaw Booth Addleshaw Booth vector
Agence Regionale de Developpement Agence Regionale de Developpement vector
Aladdin 164 Aladdin 164 vector
Alliance Pharmaceutical Alliance Pharmaceutical vector
Almazny Insrument Almazny Insrument vector
Anthrax 231 Anthrax 231 vector
Apple 283 Apple 283 vector
Array Biopharma Array Biopharma vector
Aurora 291 Aurora 291 vector