Below you can find logos, similar to the Altex.

Altex 329 Altex 329 vector
Caltex 96 Caltex 96 vector
Altex Reengineering Altex Reengineering vector
Caltex 95 Caltex 95 vector
Altex Document Center Altex Document Center vector
Altex Office Altex Office vector
Caltex 98 Caltex 98 vector
Altex Publishing Center Altex Publishing Center vector
Caltex 97 Caltex 97 vector
RealText RealText vector
Metaltex Metaltex vector
Altex Document Center 330 Altex Document Center 330 vector
Caltex Caltex vector
Metaltex 195 Metaltex 195 vector
Altex 328 Altex 328 vector