Below you can find logos, similar to the African Lakes.

African Pride African Pride vector
Great Lakes Crossing Great Lakes Crossing vector
African Traveller African Traveller vector
Great Lakes Great Lakes vector
south african airways 1 south african airways 1 vector
Great Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs 48 Great Lakes Commission des Grands Lacs 48 vector
South African Airways 111 South African Airways 111 vector
African Gold African Gold vector
Commissionaires Great Lakes 164 Commissionaires Great Lakes 164 vector
Commissionaires Great Lakes Commissionaires Great Lakes vector
Land O'Lakes 84 Land O'Lakes 84 vector
south african airways2 1 south african airways2 1 vector
Land O'Lakes 86 Land O'Lakes 86 vector
Great Lakes 46 Great Lakes 46 vector
Lakeside Cafe Lakeside Cafe vector