Below you can find logos, similar to the Acm Siggraph.

Acme United Acme United vector
Siggraph 2001 Siggraph 2001 vector
Siggraph 2002 121 Siggraph 2002 121 vector
ACME ACME vector
Litho Acme Litho Acme vector
ACME Insurance ACME Insurance vector
Siggraph 99 Siggraph 99 vector
ACM ACM vector
Lacman Lacman vector
Macmahon Macmahon vector
Watson Bowman Acme Watson Bowman Acme vector
Reboul MacMurray Hewitt Maynard & Kristol Reboul MacMurray Hewitt Maynard & Kristol vector
ACM 654 ACM 654 vector
Siggraph 2000 Siggraph 2000 vector
Automatisation JacMar Automatisation JacMar  vector