Below you can find logos, similar to the ANU.

New United Motor Manufacturing New United Motor Manufacturing vector
Survey Of Australian Manufacturing Survey Of Australian Manufacturing vector
Rubber Manufacturers Association Rubber Manufacturers Association vector
Gunnar Manufacturing Gunnar Manufacturing vector
anushik anushik vector
shirtmanufaktur shirtmanufaktur vector
K-Byte Manufacturing K-Byte Manufacturing vector
Elkor Davanu Karte Elkor Davanu Karte vector
Mautitanue Mautitanue vector
Mariola I Janusz Szalczewscy Mariola I Janusz Szalczewscy vector
Manugistics Manugistics vector
Vancouver Canucks 51 Vancouver Canucks 51 vector
Empire Manufacturing Empire Manufacturing vector
Danubius Danubius vector
BanuBad Nederland BV BanuBad Nederland BV vector