Below you can find logos, similar to the AIS 115.

Le Relais Le Relais vector
Rega 115 Rega 115 vector
Jostens Renaissance Jostens Renaissance vector
La Francaise des Jeux La Francaise des Jeux vector
El Faisan El Faisan vector
Tavr 115 Tavr 115 vector
Latvijas Mobilais Telefons 145 Latvijas Mobilais Telefons 145 vector
roxio 115 roxio 115 vector
AIST 116 AIST 116 vector
South Bend Silver Hawks 115 South Bend Silver Hawks 115 vector
Caisse D'Epargne 50 Caisse D'Epargne 50 vector
Raisin & Lines Advertising Raisin & Lines Advertising vector
Liaison 2 Liaison 2 vector
Maison De La France Maison De La France vector
Kaiser Family Foundation Kaiser Family Foundation vector