Below you can find logos, similar to the AFO.

Seafood International Seafood International vector
Hannaford 72 Hannaford 72 vector
Panafon 68 Panafon 68 vector
ViaFone 15 ViaFone 15 vector
Cutty Sark Seafood Restaurant Cutty Sark Seafood Restaurant vector
International Boston Seafood Show International Boston Seafood Show vector
Sociedade Esportiva Botafogo de Viamao-RS Sociedade Esportiva Botafogo de Viamao-RS vector
Alaska Seafood Alaska Seafood vector
Vodafone 25 Vodafone 25 vector
Orafol 56 Orafol 56 vector
Vodafone City Point Vodafone City Point vector
Seafood Processing Europe Seafood Processing Europe vector
Vodafone One Vodafone One vector
MegaFon MegaFon vector
Vodafone Omnitel Vodafone Omnitel vector