Perhaps you are interested in the following logos.

deutz and geldermann deutz and geldermann vector
Euskal telebis etb1 Euskal telebis etb1 vector
magnat 2 magnat 2 vector
opel 2aut opel 2aut vector
Sunoco Sunoco  vector
Zerex Zerex  vector
5zigen 1 5zigen 1 vector
AGF Union Fenix AGF Union Fenix vector
AMF 100 AMF 100 vector
Actis Systems Actis Systems vector
Aegis Systems Aegis Systems vector
Altkom Akademia Altkom Akademia vector
American Eagle 56 American Eagle 56 vector
Atac Supermarche 129 Atac Supermarche 129 vector
Atlanta Flames Atlanta Flames vector